Type: I worked on this project individually during the CRIA course.


I created a Single Page Application with the MEAN stack with the purpose of testing RESTful API’s. I used the mean.js framework to kickstart my project because I the vertical structure is very intuitive. There are still plenty of things missing and I intend to remedy them when I have the time to do so.

The app is based on the popular Chrome extension Postman, with the major difference being scenarios.

A request is a HTTP ‘GET’ or ‘POST’ request to a URL with optional parameters. What you get back is the Status Code, headers, and the response.

A test is an assertion coupled with a request. Say for instance you want to check if the URL returns the ‘OK’ Status Code the assertion will be ‘statusCode===200’.

A scenario is a list of tests that have to be run consecutively, optionally with the output of the first test being the input for the next request and so on.


The core of the application is making requests and handling the response. For the purpose I used the q promise library and request. There are still some remnants in the code from when I tried to do requests with plain JS, but I found the request library to be much smoother to work with.

Creating a request

Create a request

Creating a test

Create a test

Creating a scenario

Create a scenario

Executing a request

Execute a request

Executing a test

Execute a test

Exxecuting a scenario

Execute a scenario