I'm a year old web- and software developer. I graduated with a BSc in Informatica (Software Engineering) at the University of Applied Science of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN).

During my studies I worked on databases, Java, SQL, network infrastructure, and other web-related tools (HTML, JS, CSS, etc..). I minored in Business Intelligence, setting up a Data Warehouse using SSIS, SASS, Qlickview, and PowerShell.

I completed my third year internship and graduation internship in Den Bosch, at TaxModel. Creating an SSO and data synchronisation application in C# ASP.NET MVC (using WCF for services) during my third year internship. The graduation internship consisted of creating an application for benchmarking - creating (micro) services for webcrawling, translating, and Excel parsing.

Since 2018 I started working at GX Software in Nijmegen. I have since then switched back to Java after spending the previous years usign C#.


Besides all the tech stuff I follow a number of topics. I enjoy keeping up with current affairs, more specifically the Dutch radio/podcast Oog op morgen. Other podcasts I follow are This American Life, Hello Internet, and Criminal. Furthermore I am an avid fan of N.E.C., the football club from Nijmegen.